Waffle Thursday!


I made some for breakfast even though they are making me a bit rushed and I still have some kinks to work out, I claim the first batch a success!

I started off with my pancake/waffle mix and followed the directions on the back except I used flax instead of oil.

001 green light means go!

There was a little spillage…

002 And before I knew it, I am used to the 3min Belgian waffle makers, my waffle was ready! (note: get topping ready before putting batter on iron…it goes that fast!)

003 Perfect waffle! Pre-toppings of course!

ON top I put: 4 small dollops of plain Okios, Bear Naked granola, banana and a little agave/maple syrup mix.

004 Yummy!  I even had enough batter to make a small second one that I will save for later!

005 Long day…kickball straight after work today…I am going to try and get a run in around the fields.

Later y’all!!!!!!

Happy Thursday!


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