All Thumbs

I was all ready to make-up for not post last night and then…

I sliced my thumb open while cutting an apple 😦

It started off so well…

I got great news yesterday at work…but I can’t even talk about it on the blog because it is confidential

We won our kickball game!

I got in an 8 mile run around Fort McHenry aka the place our National Anthem was written

I heard Miley’s “It’s the climb” when my alarm went off…

and then like I said I cut my thumb and it was gushing blood…

If not for heading home tonight today would be really bad…oh yeah I also poured my milk INTO my box of oat bran instead of on my bowl while breaking one of my brown bowls that my mother gave me 😦

So here is yesterday and this morning in pictures…all good eats.

And that is that…I will cheer up once I figure out how to put my hair back with one hand…I still need to finish packing!



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