Choo, Choo!

edit ** this post was written on Friday and posted Sunday **

Welcome aboard the Amtrak train 148 Northbound to Stamford, CT!

I have my book and ticket stub

016 And I am ready to go!

Before I could board the lovely train I had a less eventful day than morning…and that is a good thing!

To brighten my spirits mid morning I broke for a 2 pump pumpkin spice latte and white chocolate ginger biscotti from the cafe downstairs.

010 So the coffee was good but not pumpkin at all, but the biscotti!  Oh hello gingerbread cookie dunked in foamy coffee!

012 There was a ton of delicious foam.

011 So I happily went on with my day until lunch time.


014 015

Giant salad with organic greens, carrots, snap peas, maters and mustard balsamic dressing.  I also had some kashi gold with and LC wedge.  Due to my mid morning snack I saved the pear for my train ride, but I don’t think I will get to it because I want to save room for dinner!  I am getting in an hour early because I got on an earlier train (last ticket btw!!!!!) and therefore will be in CT at a reasonable dinner hour.  I can’t wait to see my momma!

Thank my boss for letting me leave at 3 or I would still be on the later train.  Thanks Elaine 🙂

Once aboard I settled in for some Food INC.  I have seen the movie, but I really wanted to read the book so I could be more informed on the topics.  Books always seem to tell more than the movie, especially ones like these…there is just so much to know!  I already have my next 2 books picked out from references.  Fast Food Nation and Food Politics.

About an hour into my trip I had to break into my large snack of the thumb cutting causing apple!

018 I made a leftover homemade waffle sandwich from PB and finger hating apple.  I also had the other part of the apple on the side (keep in mind that is a 1/4 piece of the apple, told you they were huge!)

WellI have about 2 hours left until home so I am going to get back to my book maybe write another post and who knows maybe even visit the snack car, but that is doubtful!

Check ya later!


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