POTM and The End of an Apple

Woop, Woop Monday is over!  Our apt is still a mess and Nick has yet to tackle the dishes.  Instead we are watching “The Painted Veal”, which was supposed just be background but now Nick is really into it.  I have seen it and it isn’t a movie that you catch new things the second time around.

My cat is insane!  Seriously reminds me of Angela’s Sketchy, but I am not able to capture quit the photos like she does.  She is currently hiding under the couch and attaching our feet if we put them down on the floor.  We need to snip her nails ASAP!

OK enough about crazy Sissy on to the food.

Lets start off with this lovely dried plum.

003 No this is not deer terd it is a prune and they are delicious!  I will continue to argue those who claim that are for old people and only meant to keep you regular.

Onward to lunch!

004 005

Salad with greens, carrot, hard boiled egg and balsamic.  I also had Greek yogurt with flax and lemon curd and some TJs everything crackers.

For snack time I sampled the Smart Balance popcorn I got in my bag at the 1/2 marathon.

006 It was good, but I just am so skeptical of chemically created flavors.  I know it is “all natural” but what happened to butter?  Popcorn does make a good snack, pretty good amount of fiber and lots of munching to be had!

When I arrived home I fed crazy and headed out for an 8 mile run.  I signed up for Caitlin’s Pile on the Miles today!  The program is all about getting out there and adding miles to your life whether it be walking or running to combat the joyful holiday eating.  I don’t really have a goal yet, but it is a good motivator to get my butt out the door when it is chilly and I just want to snuggle with my blanket.

Dinner was rather uninspiring, but Nick seemed to like it.  It was just eh to me.

007 pesto tortellini, with a little bit of chicken under sautéed onions, spinach and peppers in a pesto sauce.  I also sprinkled some parm on the top.

008 I ended my eats for the night with the last 1/4 of my honey crisp apple and the other 1/2 of my apple cider doughnut from this morning.  I am thinking of freezing the last on for a rainy day.  They are calling for rain on Wednesday 😉

009 This gives you a good perspective of the size of this apple.  That is 1/2 of a normal sized doughnut.

Time to watch the Redskins loose again!!!!


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