Chocolate for Breakfast #3?

How many times can you hit the snooze button?  Well with a rainy morning it was about 5!  With that in mind I will have to rush through my new breakfast and this post 😦

This was my first experience with Amazing Grass.  I am starting to feel a little under the weather…thanks to all those people coughing up a lung in the office and on the trains.  I thought a boost of Amazing Grass was what I needed!  I wanted to make it into waffles (I know amazing right!) but I only had time for oatmeal.

001 002 003

I mixed the packet with 1/4 cup oat bran and 1/2 naner.  The on top we have Kashi H2H other half of the naner and almond butter.  I was going for chocolate, almond butter and banana.  It was good, but def healthy chocolate :)  Good rick flavor without the sugar.

I also had a new coffee that mom got me, which is delicious!  Perfect alternative to creamer, which I had to stop using because it made me feel sick.

004 To to gobble down the rest of my oats and head out the door!  Rain = accidents and dumb drivers.

Check y’all later!


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