The Botany of Desire

Gah!  I did it again!  Erased my post by clicking something and then typing…not really sure how I did it…annoying…starting over…

The Botany of Desire with M. Pollan is on MDPtv right now and I really wanted to get back to it!

011 Before I could get to the apple, tulip, marijuana and potato I had to get through my Wednesday!

My morning was a little hectic and I didn’t get to my lunch until 1pm.  Good thing I popped some prunes before me meeting ;)  I will spare you the picture today.

When I did get to lunch my beanie deliciousness did not disappoint.


Leftover bean enchilada, salad with carrots, maters, sprouts and chipotle hummus for dressing.

005 I also got to have a new seasonal flavor of Clif bar!  Iced Gingerbread!!!!

004 Must find healthier gingerbread recipe ASAP!  Any ideas?

Because I didn’t get to have lunch until later I wasn’t very hungry for my snack, but knew I needed to eat something before my run.  I had my apple during the car ride home.

006 I had planned on going to the gym and doing intervals, but it was so nice out when I left work I thought I might as well run outside.  72 degrees and partially cloudy, how could I not run outside???  Someone smack me next time I try to go to the gym on a nice day…crazy I tell you!  My fingers didn’t even get cold!

I ended up doing about 6.2 miles, core work, push ups and dips.

Then it was dinner time!!!

I knew I wanted to use some maple apple sausage and southern greens, but I didn’t know how.  This is what I came up with…

007 008 009

Quinoa base cooked in veggie broth.  Southern blend greens cooked in simmered onion, garlic, apple and veggie broth.  One sausage.  This was actually pretty good and very fall!  I might let the leftovers heat up together to get the flavors to meld a little bit more next time.  I will see if that makes the flavors a little bit more bold.

Back to the Botany!  While watching I consumed a lovely ice cream sandwich!

010 1/2 the extra waffle from this morning with mocha almond fudge Soy Delicious from Turtle Mountain in between the two layers!  Yummers!

Alright I am going to hang out with M.P., Nick and Sicily.  Next I think we the potato…always a questionable starch.  Sour cream anyone?

Nick Night! ❤


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