Can someone build me a boat so I can paddle to work?  It is once again raining.  It has not stopped since yesterday early morning.  Oh and the flooding!

At least I got my waffle!

001 Onw WAFFLE according to the package plus flax, minus oil.  Toppings included a heated mix of pumpkin butter and almond butter, a dollop of Greek yogurt and some granola.  With a banana on the side that seriously needed to be eaten.

002 I was glad to find out that Chobani does not use artificial growth hormone cows milk for their yogurt.  I have been reading the book that goes along with Food Inc. and it is seriously shocking.  It it takes me awhile to digest chapters and I have ended up having to go back and re-read.  Speaking of Food Inc., it comes out on DVD on November 13th!  Guess what I will be doing that day?

Time to get on the road, this rain is causing havoc!

See you all later!


One Comment on “Waffer!”

  1. Holly says:

    homemade waffles are the best! and yes, food inc does make you think A LOT about where your food comes from. i saw the movie in the theater but would love to watch it again. partially because I LOVE michael pollan 🙂

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