Brown and White

Bummer we have kickball at 9pm tonight.  At least it is the last time for the season.  That means I will hopefully be in bed by 11…ugh.  Oh well at least it is going to be Friday!!!!

Note: What is Alicia Keys wearing at the Yankee’s game????

I am not a New York fan.  My mom lives 45min away from the city and I never have the desire to go in.  The buildings are too tall and block the sun, there is no green space except Central Park, which has no native plants…long story (See “The World Without Us”).  It is dirty and dangerous.  I guess I am just a burbs girl at heart, but I would like a little town where I live near the center and able to walk.

OK tangent done.

Back to my eats!

004 Leftover quinoa with greens and apples, veggie crisps, PINEAPPLE Chobani (!!!!) flavor love!

005 I forgot about the other 1/2 of my gingerbread Clif bar, which I enjoyed as a surprise around 2:30.

004 And then again on my drive home I enjoyed a lovely apple.

006 While eating this it made me think of The Botany of Desire from last night and how every seed in my apple would produce a different tasting apple from the one I was eating, and that apple used to only be of bitter varieties to make hard cider.

When I got home I fed Sissy, had a spoon on PB (yep, I did!) and then headed out for a short run.  I did about 4.5 miles because I got out of work late and I needed to make dinner before heading to kickball.

For dinner I wanted to use some ravioli, but then I realized I had a pasta bake on the menu for tomorrow…I still made the ravioli, but I cut back the number I ate and added a ton more veggies than I would get with just the regular pasta sauce I was planning on using.

007 The final product.  The sauce was veggie broth, balsamic, thyme, oregano, onion, mushrooms and cauliflower.  I poured this over 3 artichoke ravioli.  I also had a piece of WW flax butt with melted goat gouda.  Overall a very white and brown menu, but still loaded with veggies and complex carbs.  Nick had some shrimp on his.

008 OK well I need to get ready for kickball!  Layering up!  Going to be cold down there!!!  I may have some tea and a cookie when I get home, but we will see how it goes.

Later Gators!


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