Sweet and Savory

If you were thinking about buying a house and getting the $8k rebate, but didn’t get your act together on time, good news!  They have extended the buying time until April!  Nick was thinking about buying a house earlier this year so I wonder if this is going to change his mind?  At any rate it should be interesting to see how this will effect the housing market if at all.

Back to breakie…

I have had mini WW bagels in my fridge, well for a long time.  I needed to use at least one today, but a mini bagel is not enough for my breakfast!  I have seen a bunch of eggs in a hole in blogland, so I thought I would take that and roll with it.  I made my egg scrambled with dill, S&P and poured it into the wholes on the bagel.

002 A lot of egg got out the bottom, but I piled it back in.  I liked how the bottom got crispy, while the bagel stayed chewy!  Again one egg and one mini bagel is not enough (~160kcal) so I opted to use the other 1/2 of my leftover waffle.  I split a tbs of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl and banana on both quarters.

003 All together it was a sweet and savory breakfast and I really liked the egg in a mini bagel! 


I think a large fruit salad with yogurt might be its best partner?  I do have one bagel left, but I need more fruit to make an actual salad.  He can chill in the fridge a little while long 😉

Have you seen all the snow in Denver?!?!?  I really hope this rain they are calling for on Halloween stays away!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!!


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