Swaaaammmpppppy Oats

Say that with the Monster Mash voice please!

Hello Friday!  Haven’t seen you in oh about 7 days?

We won our kickball game last night!  It was almost a perfect game!  Our friend Sean and Melissa got engaged right before the game and actually came!!!!  Now that is dedication!  They are hardcore like that.

So I missed National Oatmeal Day yesterday so I thought today it would only be fitting to have oats in a jar to make up for this mistake!

Given that is HALLOWEEN EVE I went with swampy oats.

Green!  1/4 cup oat bran, flax, Amazing Grass – Amazing Green Meal, 1/2 banana, topped with pumpkin butter and Go Lean Crunch.

It does not tastes green incase you were wondering, just delicious oat bran-ness.

I cannot wait to “fall back” this weekend.  It won’t be so dark when I got running in the afternoon!

What are you being for Halloween???


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