Third Meal’s a Charm

And another one bites the dust!  Monday well done!

I don’t know if my breakfast just didn’t hold me or if I was just hungry, but from 10-12 I had 2 snacks and was still hungry!

I had a serving of prunes and about 10 almonds, which usually holds me just fine, but not today!

Lunch finally came and it was eh, OK.  Yogi, 1/4 grapefruit and last bit of Friday’s veggie bake wrapped up tight.

003 005 006

I was kind of disappointed with this yogurt.  It didn’t really have enough flavor for me, but I did like the lid!

007 I used to say that grapefruits had individual packets of juice 🙂

I also had some issues with my snack…

008 009

I picked this up in the marked down bin at Giant from $4.25 to $1.75.  I don’t know what it was about the bar but there was just too much sugar (10grams, more than a reduced sugar Quaker bar) for my afternoon snack.  I found myself craving an apple.  They will be moved to the Nick’s dessert bowl.

So my heel was still hurting this afternoon so once again I had to resort to the other cardio machines at the gym.  I do not like the fact that I cannot run outside without worrying about it being too dark.

I always find that I don’t push myself on the elliptical or bike so I made a point to keep my HR around 160 or above for he hour.  I did 30min on the elliptical – I did random and sprinted when the resistance went down to 3 bars until it went back up again.  Not the most scientific method, but it worked!  I then went to the bike for 10min – I was supposed to do 30min, but after the spin bike I hated the regular one.  I finished my 20min on the ArcTrainer, again keeping my HR up and did intervals.  On the down side the gym was packed!!! and I forgot my ipod.  After cardio I did arms and core.  I really hope I can run tomorrow, even if it is on the t-mill.

With such disappointing food earlier in the day I had high hopes for dinner.

Nick had a soccer game sooooo that means I could have a non-Nick approved meal!

012  Before I enjoyed this I had some chips and salsa, which were supposed to go with my meal, but I couldn’t wait.

011 010

The Works chips taste just like the TJs crackers.  I paired the chips with black bean and corn salsa.

Then onto turnips and kale chips!

013 014

yellow turnip with S&P thyme and about 1/2 tbs of good old butter.  I also had a huge mound of kale chips and ketchup.  I really liked these!  Crispy to start with and then they got chewy.  I cooked them in EVOO and Lawery’s Season Salt.

I got a special delivery today!  I ordered a pic from the 1/2.  It was expensive, but I feel like it was worth it.  Check out my guns and how both my feet are off the ground!



It looks better in real life, and I am smoking the ladies behind me from pen #1!

Alright I am going to enjoy some Christmas Eve tea and thin mints then climb into bed with Food Inc.  I need to get reading!

015 Have a great night!


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