Dad Visit Day One.

Good Morning!  My Dad is here and we have a long day planned so I need to make this quick!

To finish up with yesterday in not too many words.  Sorry I keep doing this.

001 002 003

Tuna salad made with yogurt, pickles, S&P, sun dried tomatoes on a bed of spinach.  I also had the works chips from Food should taste good and a very large carrot.

I had an apple on the way to pick up my dad but I forgot to snap a pick.

After sitting through hours of traffic we finally picked up some booze before heading to dinner.

004 For dinner we headed over to High Topps because we knew we could get a seat.

005 I started with the Maryland Crab soup and a roll.

006And moved onto the Caesar salad with another roll and dressing on the side.  It was typical food.  Comparable to Chili’s.  Nick said his was awful, but that is to be expected when you order a steak at a place like that.  They are better at pouring drinks than making food there.  Tonight’s dinner should be better.

I had a couple thin mints, watched Dog Whisperer with Jillian (!!!!) and called it a night.


This morning I had oat bran with pumpkin butter, orange cranberries, Kashi H2H , almond butter.


OK off to tour Fort McHenry and then head to Clipper City Brewery for a tour with Nick.

Check ya later!


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