Present Time!

Hello all!  I hope everyone had smashing Monday!

Sicily sure did!


She clipped her own nails, ate and slept.  I wish she could cut her own nails, it would make our lives much easier.

While Sicily was having a grand old day I was busy at work consuming a lovely lunch and typed away.

My breakfast held like a rock, yay yogurt, so I only found myself needing to eat at lunch time.  That would be 5.5 hours, whoa!  Needless to say I was ready to break into lunch at noon!

The main feature was a grande salad.

004 In the bowl we have romain hearts, carrot, tomatoes, roasted chickpeas from last night, chipotle hummus and balsamic dressing.  I really liked these chickpeas and I going to try making them for my family for thanksgiving as an addition to apps and cocktail hour.  I will most likely take out the pepper and hot sauce so that my grandmother can also enjoy!  Thank you MamaPea for the recipe!

005 I also had an apple sliced and a chewy piece of chewy 12 grain organic Whole Foods bread.

My afternoon went by quickly and was pretty uneventful until I whipped out this baby for my pre-gym snack a-la car ride!

006 I made my own sort of trail mix this morning when I was trying to figure out what to grab for a snack.  I threw in some Kashi GoLean Crunch, mixed nuts, chocolate chips and orange cranberries.  So good I am making it again for tomorrow.  I love these cranberries with the chocolate chips!

At the gym I finally decided to return to Body Pump.  It has been about 4 months since my last class so I went light on the weights.  I am not sure how Erica survived a whole weekend of this class!  Awesome girl!  My legs were burning after the squat track and it was only the second song!  I know I will be sore in the morning!  I also did 30min on the t-mill for an easy warm up.

I had been wanting to make curry tofu for a really long time now and I finally got around to it tonight.

I started with roasting a whole butternut squash in the oven while I showered.  Then I sautéed up 1/2 an onion, tofu and chicken in the Trader Joe’s red curry sauce and put on a pot of TJ’s harvest grain blend.  To top this all off I steamed some green beans in the mirco then added a tad more sauce to the finished product.

007 Piled high.

008 009

I got a high five from Nick for this one (he had the chicken, I had the tofu).  I have to give all the credit to the Trader Joe’s red curry sauce.  The stuff is amazing!

We are now settling down to some tea and… look what my amazing boy friend got me today!!!!!!!

011 Food INC. dvd! Awesome!!!!  I am so going to make my family watch this over Thanksgiving! 

I have to try and get him to put it back on…we have switched to Monday night football.  Go broncos beat those stealers!

Good night all!  I hope everyone had a good day!


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