Loaded Soup

I made it through hot yoga!  Wow, it smelled!  That was my first reaction, then, wow it’s hot!  I made it through the class and only got dizzy once during camel.  I can go for the whole week so I am thinking of heading back Saturday morning for what I am sure is a huge packed class.  Today at 9:30 the class was full.

After class I had the 2nd half of my banana and headed to target to pick up a few things you can’t find at Whole Foods.  Including sandwich thins, which Nick will need for dinner.

When I got home I was so wet and cold I jumped into the hot, hot shower!

Then I set to making KERF Loaded Baked Potato Soup!

Sauteed 2 pieces of bacon.

009 While this happened I cooked the potato cubes in the mirco.

011 Add the cooked potatoes, buttermilk, skim, flour, dill, S&P and mashed all together.

012 Topped with bacon and cheddar cheese.  It was delicious.  A lot like creamy mashed potatoes with less of the fat.

013 I also had a side of kale chips!

010 After lunch I cleaned up a bit for mom and started some prep for dinner.  Nick is finally getting his bison!  Off to get a few more things done before Sicily and I head out to pick up mom from the airport!  This will be Sissy’s first car ride and I want her to get used to it for Christmas.  Plus mom will be super excited!


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