Triple Play

Oh yeah tomorrow is Friday!  Today did however feel like Monday being back into the office.  At least the weekend is looking pretty open except a few errands that I need to get done and I need to work on my submission to the StonyField Okios contest.  I am planning a pretty creative picture and I think I am going to create a recipe, just for kicks.  I also need to figure out my next step in life.  I know this could be huge, but it has to happen first.

Enough with the lofty dreams and onto the food!

003 Leftover buttercup squash, tomatoes and melty Julesburg cheese.  I also had a piece of 12 grain bread with jelly…should have been apple cranberry chutney, but it is hard to think at 5:30 in the morning.  I finished this off with an Adora disk.

004 Very.Odd.Looking.

Around 3:15PM my stomach was ready for my afternoon amazing snack time!

005 More lovely trail mix!  Kashi H2H, mixed nuts, chocolate chips, orange scented cranberries and a cran raspberry seltzer.  Welcome back to my life seltzer!

This quickly lead to my leaving for the day and getting stuck in the worst traffic since we moved here 2.5 months together.  Ugh I always get mad at the drivers when I should be feeling bad for them.  I feel kind of bad about it.

Due to the traffic, I got to the gym later than usual and cut out my arm work.

I did 30min hill climb at 9:40 miles, 10min 10.0 incline walk, 3 miles at 1/2 marathon pace (8:50min/miles).

I was starving when I got home!

I made Nick sausage pasta and I had a triple plate of tofu, cheetahs and steamed kale.



007 3/4 of a sweet potato dipped in mustard…I felt as though I as going a little crazy with the ketchup on the kale chips.

008 Kale steamed in veggie broth with onion, red pepper flakes and oregano.  It was good, but I still prefer the airiness of the chips, even dry 🙂

009 Tofu baked in honey, allspice, S&P.

Now I am enjoying some thin mints and a little french biscuit with Lu on the front.

010 Add two more thin mints to this! 🙂

Sissy and I are going to watch last night’s Top Chef then hit the hay!

011 Monster paw!  Watch out I have 7 claws on this paw peeps!

Night All!

***Please also see my new page about Healthy Life Story***


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