Pumpkin Piiiieeee

Say that like you are from the south!

Happy Friday the 13th! I was born on the 13th day of a month so I have nothing against it, but I am sure they will be making a big deal out of it this AM.  Personally I am just glad it is Friday!

In honor of Friday I went with waffles!  Pumpkin waffles that is!

001 Into my regular waffle mix I added 1/2 cup of pumpkin, Amazing Grass Superfood, and pumpkin pie spice.

002 On top I had yogurt, almond butter, pumpkin butter, pumpkin granola and a small drizzle of real maple syrup around the edge.

003 After the photo shoot this is what I do with my toppings.  Got to spread the love to every bite!

I hope everyone has a super weekend on the way!  Sunday is supposed to be amazing around here!  I am thinking another long run :)  This time I will properly hydrate and go earlier in the AM.

Happy Friday!!!


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