Happy Saturday Morning!  I didn’t post last night because we had a little N&H night and I didn’t want to interrupt or judging of “Say yes to the dress”.  Some of the dresses that people choose are just disgusting and they spend so much money on them!  I was really only allowed to watch a few dresses before Nick put on season III of The Wire.

Before we could relax I had to get through Friday at work.

To break up the craziness that is Friday at my job I had a delightful lunch.  Yep, delightful.

001 002 003

I had a sami of leftover sweet potatoes, goat cheese, cranberry apple chutney and hummus.  I also had a side salad of Romain, carrots, tomatoes and WF organic balsamic dressing aka the best dressing ever!  This sandwich was amazing!  Reminded me of Thanksgiving!

I had the snack of the week with a grapefruit seltzer before heading out the door to the gym.

004 Kashi H2H, mixed nuts, chocolate chips and orange cranberries.

There was hardly any traffic getting home so I was at the gym in no time!

I did 47min of my own spin work…man I miss spin.  I did about 3 hard hills, 2 seated sprints, 3 standing runs, 2 standing sprints.  I cooled down with 2 miles on the t-mill.  I also did arm and core to round out the event.

N&H night included Chinese food and Spanish wine.

008 005

The amount of food I pulled out of the bag was crazy!  I ordered the small hot and sour soup, green beans with Szechuan sauce and cold noodles with sesame sauce aka peanut sauce.  These noodles are my weakness, and I think I could make them on my own.

006 I ate most of the soup and multiply the noodles and green beans by two.

If that wasn’t enough I was craving some chocolate!

007 Vitabrownie with mixed frozen berries all heated together!

Wow, I was stuffed!

I fell asleep on the couch and my love put me to bed around 11.  I know, I am a party animal.

I woke up at 8 this morning because I had hot yoga at 10 and I wanted to make sure I was able to eat and digest before heading out.

I had a simple breakfast of 1/3 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Kashi H2H.  I didn’t realize how much more sugar the Crunch had!  It is more than doubled!  Good to know.  I also had the usual coffee with almond milk.  We are all out of cow’s.

009 My coffee looks bigger than my cereal from his angel, but that is not the case.

OK I am off to pack my bag up for Hot yoga!  I am planning on stopping at the Penn. Dutch Market to see what that is all about!  I am excited to see home crafts!

Check ya later!


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