Bleed Purple

Welcome to Monday Night Football!!!!  It is Ravens football time, and I am ready!

010 My boy Ngata is out today due to an ankle sprain, but I will still be showing love wearing 92. (Yuck, my hair looks yellow!  I need to get my hair did ASAP.)

Before MNF I had to get through a day at work…this week is going to be long considering Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

I had a great lunch today.

003 2 clementines, leftover quinoa, greens and apples (taken from freezer) pita and cheese.  Along with some special sauce that I know GDW would totally appreciate.

004 005

I also had my delicious snack but with post shredded wheat squares as my cereal of choice.

006 Shredded wheat, mixed nuts, chocolate chips and orange cranberries.  Magic.

After work I headed to the gym and did 30min on the elliptical random sprints below 3 bars then I headed to body pump.  I am hoping to to be too sore tomorrow, but that class is crazy hard.  Props again to Erica for teaching it!

Monday night football brought on purple tacos!  Nick really wanted guacamole and we had ripe avocados!

007 3 purple tacos with lettuce, maters, guac, lettuce salsa and black beans and chicken in taco sauce.

008 Oh and cheese!

We used some Food Should Taste Good chips to scoop up the extra guac!

Sissy is all ready for kick off!  I am planning a maple pumpkin cake with nutella for dessert!

009 Go Ravens!


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