Simple Things.

Day well done!  I hope everyone else had a well delightful Wednesday!

My day wasn’t super exciting, but it was surely successful.  I had a productive day on the lovely Obama Stimulus package.  I was able to get to the gym because my hip flexor was feeling 100% better.  And I had a super delicious dinner.

Simple things can make your day, you know?

Simple thing of the moment…

Seeing Chris O’Donnell back on the screen!  Fried Green Tomatoes Anyone.

Such an underrated heart throb.

Anywho, onto the daily eats.

014 Leftover falafel with spinach, tomato, spinach and yogurt dill sauce.  I also had some carrot sticks and 40 spices hummus.  I also had a delicious clementine for dessert.

013 I usually don’t make sticks from my carrots, but for some reason the extra effort made them more special?  Is that odd?

Afternoon snack included the classic!

015 016

Are you sick of this combo yet?  Because I am not, but I am out of orange cranberries and will have to go with blueberries or cherries tomorrow…should be interesting.  Please observe the combo of cashew, chocolate and cranberry = wowza!

After work I headed to the gym to take it slow.  I didn’t want to push the flexor too hard even though I hadn’t felt any pain all day.

I ended up sticking to the cross training machines.  30min random elliptical and 30min manual speed on the ArcTrainer.  Nothing hurt!  Simple things!  I am did quick arms between the two sets of cardio and then core work at the end.

Dinner was delicious!

Nick had dinner with his mom so I was on my own to make something delicious and not Nick approved!

017 Carnival squash rings, lentils, leftover taco black beans, goat cheese and cranberry apple chutney.  I liked the taco spice with the sweet chutney.  I also had a piece of 12 train with smart balance.

018 Great combo and I have some squishy squash leftover with lentils and goat cheese for lunch tomorrow, yes!  Simple Things.

I think I will now go have a vitamuffin with almond butter.  Simple Things.

Have a great night!


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