I hate to buzz through the last 24 hours, but I only have 15min to get this donzo!

Stupid trivia gets me home around 10:30 and all I can think about is my bed.

My eggs in a hole worked great at holding me over yesterday, and I just had my usual prunes around 11.  I will spare you the pictures 🙂

For lunch I had some leftover taco-taco salad

001 Lots of Romain, beans, tomatoes, cheese, purple tortilla.  Along with 2x vitamin C and an Adora.

002 Lots of cheese 🙂

The usual snack happened around 3pm and was glorious!  I can’t say enough about this stuff!

003 004

I seemed to have hurt my hip flexer in BodyPump doing lunges so I skipped the gym.  Stupid hips take a long time to heal and are a pain in the rear errrr hip?

I got some errands done like getting cat liter and food la, la, la.

I came home to an awesome letter from BARCS for donating in my 1/2 marathon.  I totally put a smile on my face!

005 Yay animals!

I also got around to putting some more postcards into another frame.  This would make 4 in my collection and most of these cards are from my mom and span 10 years of my life!

006 For dinner I needed something quick before heading to trivia.  Falafel and a spinach side salad.  I used a box and they were easy and tasted good!

007 008


cilantro, yogurt dill sauce, tomatoes.

We came in 10 last night out of 23 teams…not the best showing but last night was really hard!  No one got the last question.

OK finally to this morning!

I had two little bowls of deliciousness.

I found this jar of almond butter which I was on the hunt for my nutella yesterday and knew I needed oats in a jar!

010 011 012

Pumpkin oat bran and apples with cinnamon and yogurt.  Both topped with the last Oikos Maple Pecan Pumpkin cakes!

Off to shovel the rest of this in my mouth!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


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