What’s With Thursday and Rain?

It’s almost Friday!  Woohoo!!!!

I am watching My First Place on HGTV right now and some of these people just make me laugh.  It is like buying a house is just a flick of the wrist for them!  They have no idea what it really involves.  Not like I should really be talking because I am not a homeowner, but when I am I think that I will be much more informed then some of these class acts.


Today was crazy at the office!  I think it will be pretty insane until after the new year.  Good old Stimulus keeping me employed.

My leftovers from last night was delicious and crazy filling!

003 Carnival squash, lentils, goat cheese, cran-apple chutney, everything crackers.

004 005

Just as good as it was last night!

I wasn’t extremely hungry when I left work, but I knew I need to eat something before hitting the gym so that my belly wasn’t growling while I was on the mill.

I had to make a new trail mix.

006 Ever had chocolate cover apricot?  I stuffed the chocolate chips into one of these and that is exactly what it tasted like.  I think I will cut back on the number of appies I put in the mix, but otherwise it was a good sub for the cranberries.


Kickball was still up in the air so I wanted to get in a good run.  I busted out 30min of hill level 6 at 6.2mph and then I did 30min of “flat run” 1.0 incline with negative splits and bumping up .1 mph for every min of the last 10min.


Kickball was canceled due to the rain again :(  It seems to always rain on Thursday.

I had no idea what to have for dinner plus I still wasn’t extremely hungry.  I made Nick some pork tenderloin with potatoes, spinach and onions.

I ended up eating exactly what I was craving.  Fruit, yogurt, granola and nut butter.


I used the rest of my Chobani plain tub and my bowl, added a clementine, small gala apple, heated frozen black raspberries, pomegranate arils and some Bear Naked granola.  I also had a butt piece of bread with PB&Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl (yes it needs caps!).  With a tall glass of iced tea.

Now it is time to settle in and watch last night’s Top Chef!  It is getting so close to the end!  Do you remember Jessie?  Ashley? Matine?  The season seems like it has been going on soooooo long!

See you all for Friday!!!!!!!


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