Breakfast x2

Thank you blog world for reminding me about Pandora radio!  I have been listening for the past few hours while I have been cleaning the apartment and resisting the temptation to put on the Christmas stations.

Today has been a day of breakfasts so far.

First breakfast was…

001 Pomegranate pancakes!  Along side some banana and PB.

I mixed some arils into the batter along with my mix, honey, apple sauce and milk.

002 Topped with more arils and dipped in syrup!

003 Best combo in life.  Banana and peanut butter.  Magic.

After breakfast I dashed off for the 3 hour ordeal of getting my hair did.

I seriously need some length taken off and my color fixed.


010 After…

007 Me likes!  Much better!  I have a cleaning glow to my face here, ha!  Like the world map?  Great way to cover a wall and educational.  We always study up before going to trivia.

When I got home from my 1/2 day in a chair that really hurt my bum I could not figure out what to make for lunch.  I am trying to use up the things I have in my fridge before I leave for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, but I really wanted eggs in a basket.  So that is exactly what I had.  I really should have had some veggies in this, but that is what dinner is for!

004 2x toast, 2x egg, cheese, extra bread circles with smart balance, apple with cinnamon raisin crack.

005 006

Perfect combo!  It was also really nice having natural light for my photos.  Ugh the gripe of winter.  It’s coming so soon, only a month and 4 days until Christmas!!!!

Are you planning on shopping on black Friday?  My mom and I are going to hit the outlets in Freeport, ME.  Probably the least crowed outlets you will ever find on black Friday.  J.Crew is ours and I can’t wait for our peppermint mocha treats from Starbuck!  It’s tradition!!!!  Can you tell I am excited?

OK time to figure out the dinner plan…we were supposed to hiking this afternoon, but football “ran late” so maybe tomorrow 😦


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