Another Monday bites the dust!  The best part? Tomorrow is my Friday!!!!

Today was super busy as predicted, but I enjoyed it because I knew I could get everything done AND it would go by fast!

Lunch came in no time flat!

I didn’t go to the grocery store this weekend as to have no food that would go bad over the holiday so today was another something from the freezer!

007 Leftover spaghetti squash pancake on top of the remaining spinach, all topped with Newman’s own black bean salsa! Ole!

008 Along with my cake I had some carrot sticks and a clementine.  Yum scrum and gone in about 20sec…whoops.  I tend to do that a lot with my lunches.

I still felt pretty sick for most of the morning…I thought food might help because the 4 Tums did not, but that only cured my hunger.  It was one of those belly pains that hides your hunger???  I think it ended up being a huge gas bubble (TMI?) that had accumulated from me over eating this weekend.  OK lesson learned, cinnamon rolls + high fiber lunch = huge gas bubble in one’s insides.

As the bubble chilled out I think I got hungry for my snack?  I found that walking around really helped so I did a lot of that today.

Snack Time

009 apricots, mixed nuts, Kashi H2H (which got kind of squishy?).  I really didn’t think my stomach wanted chocolate today when I was packing my lunch…why I thought it would like salsa is beyond me.

Today was BodyPump day…maybe today I finally figured out how to not hurt myself.  I did 30min on the elliptical to warm up and was a little late for the warm-up track.  I think I might be able to bump up my weights next week, but we will see how I feel tomorrow.

For dinner I wanted something simple and comforting.  Que the rice is nice.  When I am stick or something happens in my life, all I wanted was rice with salt and butter.  I know healthy, but I made me feel so much better!  Thanks Mom 🙂

I pulled some garlic, spinach and fontina sausage from the freezer, cut up some buttercup squash and cooked up some Arborio rice.  Nick proclaimed his his favorite rice ever!  I still need to make some risotto from it – it was the reason I bought it!

010 011 012

My belly is full and I am happy to report I am not felling sick anymore…knock on wood.

No need for something sweet.  I had an Adora while I was cooking, and I want to honor the belly.

Ok time to go cuddle with my boy and girl.  He is leaving tomorrow for North Carolina 😦


One Comment on “Bubbly”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Glad to hear that the rice made you feel better…nothing like tried and true comfort food. Looking forward to hugging you tomorrow. Love, Moma Beams

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