New Yogurt

Good Morning!  Welcome to my Monday Thursday!  Yay for 2 day work weeks.

Last night I ended up having my smoothie and grape nuts.

I used a new Greek yogurt and give it a 10!

002003 004

I have had Brown Cow regular yogurt and have really enjoyed the flavor so I thought I would give this a try because the store I went to did not have Oikos.  No artificial growth hormones and they give back to the planet!

001 Smoothie with Brown Cow Greek yogurt, skim, frozen berries and heated grape nuts.

This morning my belly was still feeling a little off…this better be fixed by Thursday…so I fixed myself a bowl of cold cereal with pomegranate arils instead of heavy oats.

005 006

Shredded wheat, Go Lean Crunch, Uncle Sam, a little Bear Naked granola and arils.

Let’s get this day started!!!!


One Comment on “New Yogurt”

  1. Andy Dufresne says:

    I reconize the Blue bowl….I hope when you are in Maine you don’t get ” Cold as a Cod ” have a great holiday I know your mom is looking forward to it

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