Good Eats

Hey y’all!  Welcome to the end of Tuesday!

I am rushing around trying to get packed, Sissy all set up (she will be alone on Thursday and Nick will be home with her on Friday), do laundry and try and clean up the place a bit.  I hate coming home to a dirty house!

As for the eats of the day…

Morning snack was the other 1/2 of my apple from breakfast.

003 Yes, I took a bite before the picture, or maybe someone took a bite out of it while it was in the break room fridge???  How many people bring reusable lunch boxes to your work?  It is embarrassing how many people bring plastic bags to a place dedicated to the environment.  I guess this shows that the place may be environmental, but that doesn’t mean the people are.

And my lunch?  Well it was a bunch of all different sorts of things.  I am trying to use things up before I leave.

004 All of my Tupperware to combat all of the plastic bags at the office.

005 006

Brown Cow greek and the remainder of the pom arils, peanut butter and celery sticks.

007 Leftover buttercup squash mouth.

Lots of crunch and ubber filling.

We had our usual Friday crisis.  How do they know we are off for 3 days?!?!?!  Those Fates are tricky!

I slowly made my way through my PM snack for the last hour of work.

008 Clementine, shredded wheat, mixed nuts.

After work I went to the gym for a quick workout so I could be home to say good bye to Nick!  I did 25 min of the hill and then 30min of negative splits.

Dinner?!?! What to make????

Tofu. Roasted Veggies. Wheat berries. Check, check and check!

009 Tofu mixed in maple syrup, EVOO, salt, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg.

012 Wheat berries cooked normally with a little goat cheese mixed in.

011 Roasted onion, broccoli, mushrooms and carrots in EVOO, oregano and S&P.

010 Wow, I did not realized how full this would make me feel!  I also must admit I had a few (yes really only a few) Kashi crackers while I was waiting for my food to cook.

OK it is time to get crackin’!  Biggest Loser is on in the background I have some on MamaPea’s maple chick peas to take out of the oven!

See you bright and early!

Yay Maine!!!!!


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