First Day Back

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!!  Are you ready for some Sunday night football???  Should be a blood bath tonight, but I have a lot to do before then!

I slept in a bit and ate our last piece of fruit for breakfast…

002 Heated apple with cinnamon and pb, Go Lean Crunch, Shredded Wheat, H2H and Uncle Sam.  With a mug.

003 After breakfast I headed out to 3 different grocery store…ugh.

First up was Trader Joe’s.  I needed almond butter and coffee and TJ’s is really the only place it makes sense to buy them.  Of course I got some other things while I was there 🙂

I then went to Giant to get Nick his regular grocery store things, Boar’s Head deli meat, salt and vinegar chips etc.  Lastly I stopped at the Shoppers to get the large Okios and use one of my buy 2 get 1 free coupons from Brown Cow.  Sharing the yogurt wealth.

I returned to make a delicioso lunch!

I had been wanting melted brie for a while now, and I remembered to pick up some light brie at TJs today.

006 The cheese really was melted, but I don’t have a press (yet! Coming for Christmas!!!) so it stayed in its slices.  Along with the brie I had spinach and pumpkin butter.  Really good combo.

I also had a plain Brown cow pb&j yogurt.

005Love this combo, but it is even better with bananas.  I wonder if they have tried to make a pb&j yogurt yet?

All together now.

 004 With a glass of iced tea.

I am now soaking up some last minute relaxing before going for a run, making pumpkin chili, cleaning and then watching the Ravens!!!!!!

See you for the game!


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