Welcome Back

Good Morning Monday! RAVENS WIN!!!!!! In overtime, and I feel asleep đŸ˜¦ .  They should have won in regulation!  It was the third string QB, come on boys!  Big Ben will be back next time and we need to step it up!

5:30 was a bit of a shock to the system this morning.  At least it is only a 4 day work week for me!  Going to the Big Bean for Katherine’s birthday!!!!!

Until then I enjoyed a lovely bowl of oat bran!

001 1/3 cup oat bran, 1/3 cup h20, 1/2 cup skim, naner split into cooking and on top, Uncle Sam, pumpkin granola, spoon of crunchy almond butter.

Oh I have missed my almond butter!

002 003

I also had gingerbread coffee that I picked up at TJs yesterday.  Very nice with a hint of ginger, molasses and other holiday spices!

Time to get a move on little doggie!  This week is going to be reallllly busy until I reach Friday!

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