Last Day of 2009!

Happy last day of 2009!  Nick and I are heading into the city in a little bit to check into our B&B before heading to dinner and then a party in the city.

For breakfast I had a bout 4 boxes of cereal I needed to use up before the new year 🙂


TJs fruit and fiber medley, shredded wheat, Uncle Sam and Kashi H2H with banana, chia seeds and a little pb.

002 Like the new bowl?  I do!  Crate and Barrel sale baby!  Same place I got the spoons with Mom.

I had planned to go to the gym after breakfast, but the roads are icy and my knee is still feeling off.  I consulted with my doctor (Katherine) and she said I should take the day off.  It is really hard for me considering the holidays and training for a 1/2, but I know I just need to keep myself in check a little bit more and I will be ok.  easier said than done when there will be tons on temptations tonight!

Instead of the gym I cleaned and did laundry.

I broke around 1 pm for some lunch.

003 Leftover chili with added corn and green beans, Vitamuffin corn top, adora disk and a small chunk of peppermint bark.  The chili was great, but the muffin didn’t really taste like corn bread, no grit to it.


I love this bark.  I sent some with Nick into the office so I don’t eat all of it!

I am planning on getting Thai or Sushi for dinner filled with veggies and tofu to fill me up before the dangerous spread that will be presented.  I might stick to champagne tonight, but we shall see.

OK I am off to pack for our stay-cation! I hear the breakfast is amazing at this place…I can’t wait!

Happy New Year Everyone!


So Long CT License

It is chilly willy around here!  The wind in brutal and all I want to do is run outside :(  There is another thing limiting me from running outside…my knee.  Not really sure what is wrong with it but I ran for 10min on the t-mill this afternoon and it killed.  I can still do cross training without any pain, but I am worried about running and my training 😦

I am going to try and run on a flat surface tomorrow morning and see how it goes.  It doesn’t hurt going upstairs either, Katherine do you know???

I am finally a MD resident after about 1.5 hours at the MVA and a long phone call with my insurance agent.

When I got home I had a nice little lunch.

 005 Sissy joined me.

pumpkin butter, spinach and brie on the gidler, part of the persimmon and a Christmas shortbread and candied ginger (very strong ginger!)

006 007

I was not a huge fan of this fruit.  Bland tasting with a weird after taste.  I added a little honey for flavor.  Maybe it will be better grilled?

After lunch is when I went to the gym and had my knee issues.

When I returned Nick’s roommate from college, Jason had arrived for New Years and taken my camera.

008 I made us all some chorizo sausage chili for dinner.

Before getting started I had an apple, pita chips and then some Kashi crackers and a few blue corn chips that the boys had with their chili.

009 Along with the sausage I added diced tomatoes, kidney beans, onion, garlic, chili powder, cumin and S&P.  Topped with some Cabot Hunters Cheddar.  Eaten with another new little spoon.  I got 6 of them.

We ate around my new centerpiece that my Godmother sent me for Christmas.

010 So pretty and lots of shells from Maine and Florida.  Thanks Annana!

For dessert I had a dark chocolate dipped shortbread and a small piece of peppermint dark bark.


So many sweets in the house right now!  At least we have an entire batch of cookies with walnuts…that will keep me away!

We are off to play board games.

See you tomorrow for the last day in 2009!!!

On the 5th Day of Christmas

It was so nice to be back in my bed with Sissy and Nick last night, but I do miss my momma and CT.

Today I am finally taking my first step to becoming a Maryland resident.  I am getting an MD drivers license.  To bad I have a massive zit on my forehead that looks like my third eye.  Oh the stress of the holidays.

I got to sleep in a bit because there would be mucho traffic getting to the DVM when it opened so I opted to wait.  Today I will be doing a lot of waiting so I am breathing and taking it one step at a time.

I also started off my day with a lovely bowl of oats!


It is technically the 5th day of Christmas so I took the liberty of using my red bowl and new green spoon that I finally found after seeing them on KERF and HTP.

003 In the bowl we have 1/3 cup oat bran, chia seeds, banana, h2o, milk, cranberry pb, and vanilla almond granola.


Basking in the sunlight.


That was one good bite!

OK time to go over my checklist of 1,000 personal items I have to show the DMV and then figure out where I am going and make sure I drive on the safe side of town.

Have a super day!

Back to Maryland

Well hello there!

Sissy and I made it back to MD safely and are enjoying out time with Nick, thus I will make this a brief post once again.  Thank you for understanding!

This morning Mom and I did 40min of yoga from the DVD Nick got her for Christmas before testing out a new breakfast.

Cantaloupe Oats!

001 1/3 cup oats, 1/4 slice of loupe, 1 tsp chia seeds, slice of cranberry orange bread, almond butter.


Interesting combo, but the bread is really good on there!

After breakfast I packed up the car with all of my bags and Sissy for another loooong drive back to B-more.  It took an extra hour to get home, but don’t worry…we had Christmas cookies in the car!  I had an apple and 4 Christmas cookies for lunch…not the best choices.

I was going to go to the gym when I got home, but given the late arrival and an annoying tick in my knee I decided to jump right into re-stocking the fridge.

I got 2 gift cards to Whole Food for Christmas so you know where I went!  I actually have a little money left, but I did stock up on staples like black eyed peas for new years and veggie broth.

I wanted to test out the Giddler my mom got me for Christmas and the trout looked  great at WF.  DONE!

003 004

Trout with lemon herb spices, spinach salad with maters and feta, rutabega chips with mustard.


Fish shot!


Nick loved it!  I am going to try and get sustainable fish more into our diets!

For dessert with both enjoyed 2 delicious Kent Marzapan truffles!007 Thanks Heidi!

OK off to hang out with my guy 🙂

Last Full Day

My stay in Connecticut in almost at its end :(  I feel like I just got here!

This morning mom had to head off to work so I went and tried out the new Greenwich Yoga at the Greenwich Water Club.

Before I left I had a piece of 12 grain with almond butter and a clem.


I did an hour fifteen min hot yoga class (much different from Bikram) that was a nice class, but I was not impressed with the space.  It wasn’t very peaceful due to the other regular gym classes going on in the nearby studios.  Their regular studio is much more in tune with the zen feeling of a yoga studio…I just wish it weren’t 20min farther away.

We I returned I had my second breakfast.

002 Plain yogurt, clem, CHIA SEEDS!!! slice of my cranberry orange bread.  I’m really glad my bread turned out well!  It is so hearty with the Kashi nuggets and oats in it!

I chilled with Sissy for a few hours until mom came home around 1pm and we made lunchie.

003 Salad of spinach, turkey, cauliflower, fennel, brussels and gorgonzola cheese.

005 I also had the end of my mom’s homemade lentil soup with 3 blend cheese.

004 After lunch we headed out for a few errands around town and then made a fire before starting on dinner.

I made my mom a veggie filled dinner of kale, tofu and leftover sweet potatoes and cauliflower.


007 008

I marinated the tofu in honey, orange juice S&P and EVOO.  The kale had onions and mushrooms mixed in.

And for dessert!  Another 1/2 of a gingerbread mini cake.009 Almost time for bed!  Better go spend the last few min with momma that I can!

Is it really almost 2010?!?!?

The Eating Continues

Well hello there!  How are things going for you?  It has been busy, busy, busy around here!  I had a visit with my Dad, half sisters and an old friend in less than 24 hours.  I am pooped!

It all started with a bowl of oats.


Pear oats with flax flakes and almond butter.


After breakfast mom and I hit up the Crate and Barrel 50% off sale and I got some great stuff for the blog!  You will be seeing it once I return to the land of Mary.

Before heading out to meet my 1/2 sisters I had a small bowl of yogurt with a clementine and some granola.

003 Mom and I also stopped at Starbucks for one pump peppermint mochas.

At my sister’s house I had some cheese quesadillas and bean dip, but no pictures were taken on my computer.

From my sisters I headed to my Dad’s in Hartford where we went out for a quick pint and something small to eat.

005 This is just their seasonal selection.  I really wanted a delirium noel, but they had already changed the tap :(  I went with scaldis noel and it was delicious.004 Nick would love this place.  He is such a beer guy.

Along with my pint I also had a bowl of veggie chili.006 I also had a bite of my Dad’s Portobello mushroom sandwich with basil pesto.

007 I may have also had a few fries 🙂

This morning I introduced my dad to eggs in a basket with hot sauce.

008 After breakfast I went to my old church and it was so nice to be there again listening to the Christmas music.

I met with a friend from high school for a really late lunch and the 2nd half of the Raven’s game.  I was so hungry by the time we ordered I went with the first thing that caught my eye…a turkey ruben with fries…not the healthiest vacation so far!  It is the holidays!  I also had 2 Sam Seasonal Ales, and 3 Christmas cookies…

I was not the least bit hungry for dinner, but my mom wanted to go Greek and I love Greek food so we ordered light.  Tatzikki with whole wheat pita, greens and a form of salad.

009 010

I had a marzipan truffle from Kent for dessert!  Nice and fresh!

Sissy and I are going to go sign up for some hot yoga tomorrow morning and get to bed early.  I seriously need to get back to healthy eating, but I had so many more Christmas cookies to eat!


The past 24 hours have been all about…eating!

Starting with Christmas Eve dinner!


We started with some goat cheese, crackers, olives, and chips and guac.

I started with a glass of champagne and moved to red wine for dinner.

002 Sissy was all ready for Christmas, sitting by the poinsettia.

003 Mom and I wore matching outfits.


It took us about 20 takes to get the red shoes and our entire heads in this picture, but I think it came out well!

Finally we sat down to some dinner with lovely flowers and guests.007 Upon my plate was a delicious array of foods.

005 Turkey, brussels and sweet potato mash…hmm looks a lot like Thanksgiving!006 I love my sprouts cooked with fennel!

Dessert was definitely a special treat form my mom’s friend Lauren cooked delicious poached pears with homemade mascarpone and raspberry sauce.  There was a lot more to it, but I can’t remember!  I believe vanilla and tripplesec were involved?

008 And Christmas would not be complete without party hats and toys!

010 Mom really liked her whistle!

Fast forward to Christmas morning!

011 Stocking time with my official antlers that I wore all day long!

013 014

Marzipan and peppermint bark that were both consumed by the end of the day.  Mid way through presents we had a round of bloodies!

015 And finally around 11:30 (we take out time) we say down to brunch!



Eggs Benedict on a Portobello mushroom with a side of fruit salad.

017 018

This fruit salad was delicious! Kiwi, cantaloupe, papaya, and apple.

After brunch mom and I decided to do some yoga with our Christmas hats on and Sissy just wanted to play!

019 After yoga I had a very mini snack of brussel sprouts and we watched In Her Shoes as a family.

021 When the movie was over it was time to get ready for Christmas dinner!

We lit the fire with what wood we had.



And we had some cocktail shrimp while the food cooked.  I suggested we have a vegetarian Christmas next year because we can never remember how long to cook the meat for!


Then dinner was served!

025 Roast with mashed cauliflower and rutabaga, and asparagus.

We also had an amazing salad that my mom put together!

026 Mixed green, POM seeds, gorgonzola. pears, and clementines.

For dessert my mom and I split a gingerbread triple layer cake from Whole Foods and I also snagged the chocolate gnache from my grandmothers chocolate cake.

027 I was so stuffed after this day of eating!  I am meeting my 1/2 sisters and their families this afternoon with my dad and it will be great to see them.

Sissy is getting into something.  Got to Go!

Again, Merry Christmas!