Happy First Day of December!  Count down to Christmas is T-24 day!  It is only 31 degrees out so it is fitting that it is December.  Another count down?  20 days until the days start getting longer and we have more sunlight!

For the cold weather I really thought I would be making oats, but I really was not in the mood and I didn’t really have the time. 😦

Yogurt mess it was!

001 All pretty before being mixed up…1 naner, almond butter, Okios, Uncle Sam, TJs Fruit and Fiber Medley, Kashi H2H, Bear Naked nola.

002 003 There is the yogurt!

I leave you with the view for my morning.  Sun rising, Christmas lights on the rail, and the glow of the news reflecting in the window.


Have a happy first day of December all!

Count down to New Years T-30 day!  What are your plans?????


One Comment on “12/1/2009”

  1. Katherine says:

    Is it friday yet, are you here yet???

    Cant wait for your return to the big BEAN!!!

    speaking of beans, I like them alot more now.. at least in chili and on my burrito!

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