Eat What You Love, LOVE What You Eat!

Welcome to Biggest Loser Tuesday!  Wait, don’t we usually play trivia on Tuesday night? Yes, but I opted out tonight.  I needed to get some laundry and cleaning done for my trip on Friday.  I am going to a runner meet up tomorrow night and I want to spend time to Nick Thursday so chores had to get done today!

Work was extremely confusing today.  I had procurement training all day long and it was seriously just depressing.  Overall I learned like so many other establishments suffering from the recession, MDE is under staffed that is undertrained.  I don’t think I can or need to say much more, but it was just seriously depressing.

Something not depressing but delicious!

 005 1/2 baked pumpkin, spinach, cran-apple chutney and goat cheese.  WW sourdough 12 grain bread and a clem.

006 007

Can someone please explain to me the sticker that was on my clementine???  Katherine?

008  I think I must have taken this to the gutter, but I couldn’t figure out the cutie clem connection.  Maybe I should check the box.

Snack was eaten in the car given that training went until after 4pm.

009 I found a bunch of Balance Pure Bars in the reduced items bin at Giant and thought I would give a few flavors a try.  This was berry, berry, chai.

010 It tasted like a SoyJoy and the third ingredient was sugar.  Not my best choice, but it managed to handle my hunger well, but that could have also been due to my late snack time.  I did like he chia seeds though!

At the gym I did 30min of Hill at 6.2 mph level six, 20min hill at incline 10 3.5mph, negative splits for a 3 mile run.

Because Nick was going to trivia I heated him up the other pork chop and made him a salad before hopping in the shower and shoving some brussels into the oven covered with EVOO, balsamic, mustard and S&P.

Along with the sprouts I had what I was craving…

011 Sprouted grain bread with pesto, spinach and brie toasted. 


1/2 avocado with balsamic pool and S&P.  I used to eat avocados like his all the time and it is so good all scooped out!

013  AND probably about 2 cups of my lovely mustard brussels.

014 I really do enjoy a good baby cabbage.

I am now off to throw another load of laundry in and make a cup of tea.

Sissy says Happy Holidays!

015 Pretty Kitty with the poinsettia!

Night All!


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