Pumpkin Pie

6:33AM and it is 33 degrees outside.  I think it is officially time for me to get rid of my tomatoes, but they seem to still be blooming!  They won’t fit inside so that idea is out.  Also, what do I do with my big pumpkin????  It is in perfect condition, but I don’t think they are very good to eat when they are that huge.

Speaking of pumpkin…I finally used of the last bit of canned pumpkin today with breakfast!

I really wanted french toast and that is what I got!

001 Super tricked out French toast!

2 pieces of 12 grain sourdough soaked in egg whites, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and cloves.  Topped with pumpkin mixed with flax and maple syrup.  I also heated up 1/2 an apple to top it and placed the other half as a side item.  There were also a few flurries of unsweetened coconut.

002 003

It tasted like pumpkin pie french toast!  It was also super filling with the flax + egg whites + pumpkin + apple.

OK time to get a little pep in my step and out the door.  I have a female runners get together at Charm City Runs tonight, and I don’t know anyone so I am a little nervous…will give you a full report!

Have a great dia!


One Comment on “Pumpkin Pie”

  1. Erica says:

    What an amazing looking breakfast! I’m so not ready for the cold yet!

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