How Many Pumps

Greetings from BWI airport!

I got here pretty early and am taking advantage of the free for the holidays wifi.

I went straight to Starbucks for a tall peppermint mocha with one pump mocha and one pump peppermint…and then they told me they were out of skim milk.  How is Starbucks out of skim milk on a Friday morning!!!  I thought it was insane and I ordered it with soy.  They looked at me like I was insane with my specialty order, but I justify it by saying, “If I am paying $4 for this coffee it better be how I like it!”

007 So now I am sitting in the swanky leather chairs of Southwest – this terminal is so much nicer than AirTran’s – drinking my coffee and reading my G-reader and g-chatting.  I heart google.

OK I am going to get back to read/chatting, but I wanted to leave you with a little Christmas cheer from this morning.

006 Sissy under the Christmas Tree!!!  She likes to pay in our “tree skirt” hence why it is off the stand.

Happy Friday!


One Comment on “How Many Pumps”

  1. Mama Beans says:

    Sissy, you look so cute under the Christmas tree…and peaceful!

    Great KickBall News, lily beans.

    I love you, Mom

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