Boston Part 1

Welcome to Boston!

After landing I loaded more money on my Carlie Card…yes I saved it and I was excited!

001 Took the silver to the red line (oh how I miss good public transportation!!!!) and met up with Katherine for lunch.

I wasn’t super hungry because it was only 11:30 and I had my peppermint mocha around nine.  I got a “Greek” salad with olives, feta and chickpeas from Au Bon Pain.

002 The best part was the bread!

After lunch I went for a long walk down Newbury Street and up Boylston and back to meet Katherine to head on home!

When we got back to Savin Hill I had a birthday almond raspberry cookie and we went for a walk around the neighborhood.  We also ran into the neighborhood turkey.

003 004

Upon our return we opened up a bottle of wine and hungout with the cats and had some cheese.

 007006 These guys are Eli and JP.  They are huge, and JP (the black one)  looks like an owl with his big orange eyes.

For dinner we headed over to the Back Bay and chowed down on some indian.


Regular delicious naan, which came out late and made me forget to take a picture at first!  I also got some sort of spices with veggies and basmati rice.

After dinner we headed to Dillon’s where I had a few greyhounds and danced the night away.

I think Katherine enjoyed her birthday crazy times!


010 011

013 Overall it was a great night and I woke up to a great bowl of oats this morning!

016 Served on top of an L.L. Bean catalogue: 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup h20, 1/2 cup milk, frozen blues, 1/2 tbs brown sugar, flax, almond butter and a bit of crunchy chocolate granola.

017I am sorry to say that I could not taste the chocolate in he granola, even when I ate it plain out of the bag 😦

Not really sure what is planned for the rest of the day except bowling this evening!  I have a running itch that I might need to scratch very soon!


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