Boston to Baltimore

Boston was a blast.  So good to see you Katherine (and Liz and Charlotte!).

After Katherine mustered up some energy we decided to get down with Jillian and do some 30 day shred and some extra ball and BOSU action.


We weren’t too serious about it, but went all the way through level 1.

After Shredding it we headed to Mecca aka Whole Foods.  It was raining/snowing so we hit up the hot bar for a late lunch.

002 Vegetarian split pea soup, and a salad full of…quinoa salad, white bean salad, soba noddles, pickles, cauliflower salad, grilled veggies and a Thai wonton.  I also had a kombucha, which was kind of hard to get used to but I was starting to feel a little sick and I needed a boost of the good stuff.

When we returned home it was tea and vegan ginger cookie time!

003 I cannot get over how good these cookies are!  So much ginger it makes me nose run!

We also got stuff to make a late dinner after…



Katherine probably getting a strike here!

004 Bowling pin beer!

It was snowing out all night and Katherine braved the grill to make us up a delicious dinner!

006 Trout with lemon herb seasoning and a salad with baby Romain, fennel, mushrooms, parsnips and homemade dressing.

We also had some chocolate birthday cake for dessert to go along with some Mario cart.

007 After Mario Cart we called it a night.  We were still a little worn out from Friday night, and we had yoga in the morning!

This morning we woke up and headed out for an hour and a half session at South Boston Yoga.  It was my first class there so it was free! Score!

Before leaving, I had a sandwich thin toasted with almond butter.

008 Katherine and I ran back the 2 miles from the studio and realized I only had 15min before I had to leave for the airport!  Yikes!  I packed quickly and we headed out the door.

I took the T again to the terminal and made it with time to spare.  I then found some food!  I really wanted yogurt so I went for a parfait from Starbucks.

009 I also got a grande regular coffee and I had an apple from my bag.  First off, there was not enough fruit in the yogurt.  Second, there were 44 grams of sugar in it!  Would you like some yogurt with your sugar????  Upon closer inspection I saw that the ingredients went milk, sugar, HFCS. Yuck and double yuck!  I should have gone with the bagel and cream cheese.  Oh well it sort of made me feel sick and I couldn’t finish my coffee.  I had some seltzer on the plane and felt much better.

My plane ride was uneventful and Nick picked me up curbside.

When we got home I headed to the grocery store to get stuff for the week.  Luckily I had already planned out meals so I just had to grab my list.  I also grabbed a small piece of toast with jelly and almond butter.  I needed more veggies at this point of the day…thoughts for dinner started up.


When I got home from shopping I was starving!  I cut up some veggies threw them in the oven and hit the shower…yes I still hadn’t showered from yoga/running this morning.  Judge me.

I munched on some pita chips and hummus while my veggies finished off in the oven.

012 Multiply this by about 3.

What came out of the oven?

013 Roasted carrots, mushrooms, sweet potato and rutabaga and a spinach and fontina cheese sausage.

014 Do you like the above napkin?  My momma sent them to me along with some other Christmas cheer!

Such and my reindeer mug, which is currently holding my sugar cookie sleigh ride tea.  I don’t really like this tea.  It seems to have a great rep around the blog world, but it just tastes fake/flavorless to me.  I smells good though.

015 Along with my tea I had some peppermint ice cream.

And now I leave you with a special presentation from Sissy and her new toy that aunt Katherine gave her.

Hope you enjoy our crazy cat!

Good all!


One Comment on “Boston to Baltimore”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    lilybeans…great to see you and Katherine having fun in Beantown…hey, we used to have one of those Phantom mugs! Those napkins are screaming for red plates…hmm….love, moma beans! Go Ravens, tomorrow night…hope you can see Blind Side…I really enjoyed it…Kathy Bates, another wonderful Fried Green Tomatoes actress, was in it too! The movie was filmed in Decatur (where Emory is) and Atlanta…love, Moma Beans…

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