The Heat Is On

Woof, I am not a fan of winter.  We turned our heat on for the first time of the season tonight because it was reading 60 and I really don’t function well below 68.  I am a baby, but if I am cold I am not a happy person to be around.  This being said, Nick agreed to turn on the heat 😉

My office on the other hand is nice and toasty and I really enjoy it while other people complain about the heat.

I had my daily prunes around 11 and was still ready for lunch at 12.

003 Salad with leftover roasted veggies, Romain, tomatoes and cucs with balsamic.  Kashi crackers and 2 clems.

004 I liked these veggies with the balsamic.  I am going to have to use it as a marinade soon.

My afternoon went something like, “Yes I finally got all the projects into the system!”…Walk to check the in bin…2 more projects sitting there waiting for me…yuck.

I had another balance bar for my afternoon snack.  Chocolate peanut butter.  Sounds like it should be good right?

005 Wrong.  It tasted like chalk with brown and tan coloring.

006 Oh how I really wanted this to taste like a pb cup.  I ate it anyway because I had no back up and I needed some pre-gym fuel.  So far my balance bar experience has not been a good one.

I made it to the gym a few minutes earlier than usual and decided not to do BodyPump because my butt and lower back were sore in a good way from yoga on Sunday morning.  I did 30min on the elliptical random, 10min incline walk, 10min run, 10min incline walk.  After I did some core and pushups.  Note to self and others: planks are really hard after doing 40 pushups.

I had planned to make the veggie-sizzle burritos for Eat Drink and be Vegan to change up our weekly line up with some new food, but the tortillas I had were just too small to hold any significant amount of filling so we had fajita/burrito/tacos.  Anything mexican is good.

007 I had 2 f/b/t and some extra filling afterwards and some blue chips and black bean salsa.

008 Insides.  Basically, black eyed peas, chili powder, onions, green peppers, portabella mushrooms, cheddar cheese and Oikos plain.  I actually really liked the peppers and mushrooms in these.  We usually don’t have them when we have tacos.

And we can’t forget dessert!

Peppermint ice cream with a vitabrownie.


I think I like this ice cream all by itself.  No chocolate needed.

Need to get back to the Ravens, who are struggling right now on Monday night football.  Keep your fingers crossed!



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