Rain and Snow

Well a Happy Wet Wednesday to you!

Like most of the country we are suffering from some serious rain today.  We are experiencing some serious flooding right now around the state.  I am just glad this is not the ice storm they were calling for, but I could have enjoyed a little snow 🙂

I think I had snow on the brain because I thought it would be fun to make snowflake eggs!  In hindsight I think gingerbread man eggs would have worked out better.

I used a pancake mold that my mom had sent me in a holiday package for the mold.

003 Can you see the snowflake?????  I would scrabble the eggs next time too…

Along with my eggs I had 2 pieces of sprouted grain bread with smart balance and almond butter along with an apple.

002 I liked this switch in breakfast.  I was getting a little bored with eating things out of a bowl.

OK time to get a move on!  I want to get on the road early to get through the flooding.

Sissy also liked the box Mom sent, literally.

001 Enjoy your Wednesday!


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