Winter Weekend

Hello Hello!

Wow, I think need a nap.  I got my errands done before the crowds got too crazy except for at the grocery store.

When I got home I was staving and had an apple and some nuts before going out for a little run.  Ugh I ate way too close to running and I was full of carbonated apple juice when I got home.

I did think about some tip for running in the cold today.  I know I looked good all decked out.189 

  1. Men do not look good in running tights.
  2. Make sure you wear gloves.  When your body is cold it draws blood aka heat to your vital organs and your fingers and toes are the first to go.
  3. Wear something over your ears.  I am a big fan of the ear warmer because I get serious pains in my ears when I run.  Some others like winter hats, but they are too heavy or something for me.
  4. Layer.  Under my white Nike I have some Under Armour Cold gear.
  5. Wear Sun block.  You can still get burned in the winter.
  6. Run on the sunny side of the street.  This is kind of a personal one, but I just feel so much warmer and better when I can feel the sun on my body.

To settle the sparkling cider in my stomach I wrapped a few presents and Sissy helped.

190 191

She is good at holding the ribbon.

When I was done my stomach wasn’t exactly settled, but it was 2pm and I was really hungry.

192 I made a plate of kale chips and polenta fries.

193 Speaking of polenta…this is the recipe I made up back in Thursday.

It started with the recipe on the back of the Bob’s Red Mill polenta bag minus some of the butter.

009 This included, 2 cups polenta, 6 cups stock, salt, pepper, rosemary and parm cheese.

Boil the stock and then add the polenta s&p.

I started from there and added other elements once the polenta was thick.

010 Sundried tomatoes, parm and rosemary.

011 I poured the tick mixture into a baking dish and put a little more parm and some fresh basil on top before letting it set.

I think it could have had more time setting, but that is what leftovers are for!  This makes eight large portions.

I paired it with some sweet italian sausage.

183 Other ideas I used it for, sandwiches, fries.

OK I am going to take a power nap and then wrap a few more presents and try to get some cleaning done…this place is a mess!


One Comment on “Winter Weekend”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Lilybeans…Sicily looks so cute playing with the ribbon! Glad she enjoys wrapping packages…I am slowly getting my tree trimmed…mantle is done and looks great. I hung your stocking near Lily.

    Made some creamless butternut squash soup for week’s lunches, also lentils…you are an inspiration! Thanks…Moma Beans

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