Like This…

A thousands pardons for not posting last night I was busy finishing wrapping these…

001 My theme this Christmas is LOVE.

And I was also busy making these…



I made sugar cookies for today’s tailgate and yes they are sea creatures…those are the only cutters I had.  I used MamaPea’s recipe for vegan sugar cookies, but un-veaganized them by using smart balance instead of earth balance.  I also used royal icing but I used almond extract instead of vanilla.  I love almond extra in anything!

Dinner was pretty boring because I ate a wee bit too much cookie dough.

002 Eat Drink and Be Vegan’s Chickpea Confetti Casserole and a meatless ball LC wedge quesadilla.

OK I am going to go mix up a green monster before heading down to the tailgate.  I wish it was going to be nice like this…

n81900098_30576794_6186 But it is going to be more like this…

n81900098_30576788_1992 With Rain…

Time to layer up!

Goooooo RAVENS!


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