Cold and Wet


Sorry for not posting last night.  Nick and I were so pooped from the cold and rain at the Ravens game that we just came home, changed into dry clothes, curled up on the couch with Sissy and watched the rest of the Ravens WIN and movies.

I was able to get some pictures under a tent at the tailgate, but there was no way I was taking out the camera in the stadium.


The spread…I had some issues with some glazed doughnut holes on the other end.  I also had a few mimosas during the day.   I think I drank more because it was so gosh darn cold and wet!





Our gas can got a little frosty…

004 And my favorite picture of the day…

005 This ribbon was hanging off our tent and I wanted to think that someone had hung them all over it to surprise someone they loved at one point and it was a great moment.

After my doughnut stuffing I wasn’t really hungry until about 6pm when I just wanted veggies.

I heated up a can of stewed tomatoes and roasted some brussel sprouts and fennel bulb.

008 009

I also had a few of Nick’s S&V chips and lots of tea.

This morning I wanted simple…cereal.

010 011

All mixed up…Uncle Sam, TJs fruit and nut medley, shredded wheat, kashi H2H, Go Lean Crunch and banana.  I heated up the milk to make it a little bit different 🙂

OK ladies and gents it is time for me to get a move on.

1 week and 1 day until Sissy and I are in CT!


Have a great Monday y’all!


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