Two Up, Town Down

Today had 2 ups and today had 2 downs.  And it went down, down, up, up.

It started at work when I headed down to donate blood.  First my co-worker and I waiting forever when non one was there only to find out that I did not pass the iron test, twice.


I had matching middle fingers for the rest of the afternoon and down one.  The most disturbing part was they gave me a list of foods I should eat to increase my iron, and I currently eat all of them minus my reduction in meat!

011 The tech also said it could be due to the fact that I had two cups of tea this morning?  I have never heard of that before, but oh well.  I have only been turned down from donating one other time, and I really wonder if it is that big of a difference due to my decrease in meat.  Do vegetarians have a hard time donating?  It got me thinking.

For lunch we had Indian Food Day, but I did not take a picture.  I had a delicious yellow curry and naan.

My afternoon snack of choice these days, yogurt and granola.

012 And I was out of there!

Finally at the gym I could run away the day!  This is where down number 2 comes into play.  As I was running, a child (seriously not over the age of 10) was placed on the treadmill next to me by a personal trainer to run for 2min at 4mph…he could not do it, and his trainer could not care less.  I wanted to say something encouraging to him, but I didn’t really know if I would scare him or make him feel bad.  I couldn’t help thinking that he should totally be playing rec basketball with his friends, not at a smelly gym with a PT!  He is a kid!  Anyway, it was a bummer.

When I got home I was pretty blah, but I opened the mailbox and saw two amazing things!

016 The new Real Simple and a package from mi momma!  New dishes that got thrown into dinner!

013 RED!  Bowls and plates to match my napkins :)  Thanks mom!

On the plate: a pizza with tomato, pesto and flax sauce, feta and parm, pesto tortalenni, broccoli and mushrooms.

014 In the bowl: spinach, avocado, sun dried tomatoes and balsamic dressing.


My spirits are lifted and my belly is full.  I am going to go read my new Real Simple, sit with Sissy and lower my iron a little bit more have a cup of tea.

Have a Great Night!

Huge day at work tomorrow ahhhh!!!!

2 Comments on “Two Up, Town Down”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Lilybeans…on the search for iron…what a surprise..wish I could add some wisdom…see what I can find out…YEAH FOR UPS! THe red plates look great…I saw that on my first Crate & Barrell store visit – confession to all..I am very partial to Crate & Barrell…so happy to see them filled with your yummy food tonight. Love, Moma Beans

  2. V says:

    Lilybeans, I’m sorry to read your disappointment for not being able to donate blood, and no, tea just doesn’t interfere with iron (how could they come up with something so silly??!!). Tips: try to combine foods rich in vitamin C whenever eating iron rich foods, cause that helps absorption (ie: you can add fresh lemon juice to grilled turkey/chicken/bison, or have an orange or a tangerine as fruit, dress your spinach with fresh lemon juice,..), and make sure you take NO DAIRY within 2 hours -before and after having meat, lentils, mussels, spinach…- (dairy gets in the way of iron absorption). You might also consider to take some iron tablets (ie Feosol), even for just one week a month (every month). Hope it helps! V

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