Homemade Is Always Better

I survived the the meeting with the Governor and I got a picture of his pretty Christmas tree.

003 We stopped at a special place on the way home that I will talk about tomorrow in my breakfast post and got back in time for lunch.

Which I did not bring…

So I headed downstairs to the one healthy option and ended up with soup and a salad!

004 Black bean soup that wasn’t too salty with carrots and a hint of cilantro and the prettiest little side salad every.  The salad was even MTO!005 green leaf lettuce, onions (these were removed), yellow pepper, tomatoes, carrots, sprouts and hidden cheddar cheese.  Perfect light lunch before my afternoon snack attack in the section’s app and dessert day.

I hit the tables late in the day, but I managed 2 pieces of chocolate chip mandel bread (not pictured, but homemade and so good!  Not too sweet but the perfect combo of chocolate and cinnamon) and a piece of cinnamon crunch cake.  At things like this I only go for the homemade desserts because they are always made with better ingredients and most of the time taste better.  Every thing tastes better when it is made with love ❤

007 I also had the carrots and almond butter I had packed.  It was a snackie kind of day.

006 After lunch I hit the gymbo.  Elliptical 30min, 20min incline, 3 mile speed run.  I was seriously pooped after this workout.  I did some core and headed out the door.

Showered and flew into the kitchen to make dinner!

I had tofu, brussels and sweet potatoes on the menu.  A simple roasting was in order!

008 Tofu coated in honey, almond meal, S&P.


I really liked the sweet honey with the nutty almond, but I wish I had stuck better like it did on Nick’s chicken.

010 One of each piece in my simple dinner trio.

I think I had enough dessert today, and tomorrow there is more (!), so I think I will give sugar cookie sleigh ride another shot.

Nick is at his dad’s for Thursday night football so I am going to catch up on The Hills…yes I still love this show.

Yay tomorrow is Friday!


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