Muffin Topped

So I said that we stopped by a special place yesterday in Annapolis.  What was that place?  Well…

001 Great Harvest of Kath fame!  I was so excited when we pulled into the parking lot and really hopped they were making the Dakota bread of fame, but alas they were not making it yesterday.  It was actually a good thing see is how I have about an entire loaf of organic 12 seed that I still need to consume.

I sampled a blueberry lemon muffin and a chocolate mint chip cookie and settled in an fruit and oat muffin to bring home and save for this morning!

002 003

Check out all the fruit in there!

I really contemplating eating the whole thing toasted for breakfast, but I wanted to make it last.  I opted for putting half of it over my oat bran this morning.

004 1/4 cup oat bran, 1/4 cup h2o, 1/4 cup almond milk, 1/2 naner, handful granola, 1/2 Great Harvest muffin, drizzle of vanilla cranberry pb.  I like how drippy this pb is, perfect for the drizzle.  I really enjoyed the muffin topped oat bran.  The fruit seemed to be soaked in honey?  I think I might buy a couple muffins as oats topping next time I am around a good one.

005 This is actually a little smaller than my usual breakfast and I meant to add flax or some yogurt, but I packed a larger than normal snack to combat all , of the holiday food at the party today, so I will just break into that before.

Hooray for Friday!  I am just hoping I don’t have to get too much work done before the festivities begin…stupid stimulus…I mean I love it!  Job security, just repeating that.

It’s date night tonight!  So exited!

See you after that!



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