Let It Snow!

Hello from a winter wonderland!!!

It had been snowing since about 11pm last night and it will continue for most of the day.  I least I am cooped up with my love and I have plenty of cleaning and cookie baking to do!

Before the snow came I had the rest of a festive Friday!

001  002

My morning snack came in a pumpkin butter jar!  The muffin oats actually held me over really well!  I just had some shredded wheat and a clem.  The last clementine actually.  It took Nick an I at least 2 weeks to get through them.

And then it was time to party!  Well as much as we can at MDE.

003 spinach pie, greek salad x2, sausage, turkey roll up x2, green beans, wheat thins.

And then there was dessert!


Fruit cake, chocolate strawberry and the most amazing chocolate mint cake (x3 🙂 ).

All of my chocolate cake pieces lasted me until a dinner date with my love.

007Japanese steak houses are so much fun!  Nick and I got a coupon in the ValPack, which we actually forgot to use…whoops!   It was still fun and we haven’t been out to dinner in ages!


We got the usual soup and salad.

006 008

And then it was time for the main course!


Sauteed mushrooms, veggies, shrimp, scallops and steamed rice instead of fried rice.

Nick and I skipped out on the dessert menu and I created a little something when we got home.


yougurt, honey grahams, and chocolate chips.  I also had an Irish coffee!  Nick and I picked up some Jameson and Baileys on the way home and it was the perfect drink for a snowy night!

012 This was at 1AM.

And this is what is looks like this morning, same shot.013 And it continues to fall!

I wanted yummy pancakes for breakfast!  I really want to make snowflake cakes, but the one I made did not turn out so good :(  So I switched to “snow men”.

014 Naked men playing in the snow.

015 All dressed up and covered from making snow angles.

016 017

Coated in vanilla pb, unsweetened coconut and pom arils.


I need to get some motivation to move and clean the kitchen before baking, baking and more baking!

At least I am snowed in with this guy!

005 Stay safe eastern seaboarders!


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