Still Going Strong

Well hello from the north pole!  We are passing 17in around these parts.

022 This afternoon’s photo of the lamp post.  So Lion Witch and the Wardrobeish.

I spent most of the day baking cookies and listening to Christmas hymns.  For some reason Christmas hymns remind me more of the holidays then the cheesy carols on the radio.  I think it is because I was part of the church choir as a child and we always did so much around the holiday.  I miss it in a way.

I broke for lunch after keeping my cookie consumption down around 1pm.018 Amy’s tomato soup and cheese bread.

019 Baby swiss, needed some mustard.

I also broke into my Winter Warmer aka gingerbread cookie beer.

020 After lunch I finished off a batch of pecan balls and had to try one out!

021 Yum! AND half the butter ;)  Don’t tell my grandmother, and lets hope they don’t read this.

I then set out to make gingerbread cutout cookies, but my dough turned out kind of dry so I made gingerbread bites.  I had to have one right out of the oven!

023 In total I made about 10dz cookies today and I still need to make mini loafs and candied almonds tomorrow.  Thank God those are much less time intensive.  In total I probably had about 6 cookies today, not bad if I do say so.  I also made sugar cookie stars that are unpictured but the same ones that I made last week for the Raven’s game with the almond royal icing.

I needed to untwist after all that cookie baking so I did 30min of yoga sculpt and felt 10x better!  I love all of the yoga pushups in that one!

I was lacking some servings of veggies today so that is what I made up for another triple veggie plate.

026 Brussels with chili powder, rutabaga with S&P and kale chips.  I also had 2 more pieces of my organic 7 seed and grain bread (I love a good bread!).  In addition I also enjoyed another Winter Warmer.


I am hoping to play SceneIt! on the XBox with Nick, but he seems to be napping.  I will leave you will some outside shots of the winter wonderland.


About 4in of snow on top of our railing.

025 My lap post from the outside this time…yes that is a snow plow under snow…ironic?

See you on the other side of the drift!


One Comment on “Still Going Strong”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Lily Beans…we had about 8 inches of snow here..hard to tell as the plow has already come and cleared and piled it up…the snow has already stopped – 6 am! And I hear the sun is going to be out this afternoon, but chilly. Staying inside until Candles By Candlelight service late this pm. Going to check on your Ravens game…and then make turkey chili! Love, Moma Beans

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