Digging Out

This may seemed a bit rushed…I just finished all of my cleaning and wrapping and want to be in bed in 15min.  Ready, Go!

The sun was out this morning and melting the snow!  It was actually a really nice day minus the wind.

I made a random mish-mash for breakfast before heading out to tackle the snow.


Easy cheese omlet with one egg and one egg white, the other half of my Great Harvest muffin and a banana with a trio of nut butters

002  I really liked the muffin toasted.  It was all crunchy like grape nuts!

After breakfast, and Nick finally waking up we headed out into the white wonderland.  I think I ever got a little sun burn from the sun glare off of my car.


My car with snow frosting!

004 Chopping it down, about 20min or so?  I really wanted to go running within the snow, but the sidewalks were not quiet ready for runners so I opted to head to the gym after a little lunch.

005 Sissy joined me for lunch in the sun.


Brie and jelly toasted sanwich, green beans and pita chips for dipping in a salsa/yogurt combo, and some pickles.


Pita chip, green bean and salsa-yog bite.

After lunch I finally headed out to the gym.  Sunday are my long run days (OH YEAH i AM RUNNING THE DC 1/2 MARATHON ON MARCH 20 AND TRAINING STARTS TOMORROW!), but being inside I had to switch it up a bit.  30min hill climb run (level 6, 6.5mph), 20min incline walk (10.5 incline, 3.8mph), 4 mile negative splits. Core work and pushups to round it all out.  Then I was off to do my last Christmas shopping and head home for the Raven’s game!

The Raven’s won, but so did the Stealers in a crazy game!  At least we still have a shot at the playoffs!

Once I returned I set to making a cranberry rice dish for Nick’s holiday party tomorrow and I used the sauce as an inspiration for my dinner!

I used a pack of tofu noodles, which smell like death, but taste like whatever you put on them.

I went with a sauce of cranberries, cranberry juice, spinach, thyme and S&P.  I also added some leftover green onions.

008 Along with my noodles I had two pieces of 7 grain and a glass of cranberry juice.  I mean I have to bottle, and well I love cranberry juice.

009 These noodles were ok.  Kind of tasted like air.  I think they would be better with a bolder sauce like peanut or something spicy.  They also only have 40 calories for the whole bag, and not long after dinner I was hittin the Christmas cookies.

010 2 almond sugar cookie stars, 1 ginger bite and 1 pecan ball.

So, how did I do on time?  15min over, drat.  I do have a movie on, that keeps grabbing my attention.

Hittin the Hay hard!

Night All!  Yay for 3 days of craziness and then home with Sissy!  I hope she likes CT…and my mom’s cat, yikes!


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