Lack of Sleep

So if you thought last night was fast get ready for this.  Pictures with few words.  I am getting up at 4:15AM to get in what I need to do for the day…yes I am crazy, but I am in training and I have no idea when I will be able to get in a few miles over the holidays.


Morning “snack” peppermint tea and 2 3 truffles.

005 Crackers with an LC wedge and leftover quinoa casserol taken out for the freezer…this did not fill me up, and I may have had another truffle 🙂

006 Afternoon snack was not more truffles, thank God.

007 Another cup of tea and an apple and pb.

I did the usual Monday workout with 25min elliptical, and PodyPump.  I will bump up my weights next time!

Nick had extra sweet potato cranberry rice from work today so I brought that to dinner with some eggs, spinach, mushrooms, parm and milk.

Enter Frittata


Not the prettiest looking dinner, but it tasted pretty good!  I could have crisped the rice a little before hand, but that would have involved another pan.

009 I had a couple sugar cookie stars to round out the night, and now I am heading to bed!

Good Night Moon!


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