Early Riser

So how cute is the g-mail team?


I wrote this yesterday for y’all to make up for my lack in posting!

Hello and sorry for the delay in posting!

I was up at 4:15AM this morning to hit my gym for an extra early morning session.  I really like getting my workout out of the way and on with my day, but I don’t think I could do 4:15 every day.  I was feeling pretty good throughout the day and went to bed at 9pm so I might use it as a switch up option in the future.

On my way out the door I had a slice of sprouted grain and Cinnamon Raisin Swirl.


I was on the t-mill and going a little before 5.  Only downside?  I forgot my headphones! Nick had gotten me really nice headphone for my birthday last year ($25!) I need ones that don’t fall out of my ears while I am running, and they started to last week.  I finally threw them away yesterday and forgot to grab Nick’s this morning.  Try running 1:20 without headphones or tvs with subtitles.  What is a girl to do?  I did my usual mix up with a little more mix.  20min regular easy run, 20min hill climb while flipping through people (I have a really hard time reading and exercising), 3 mile neg splits, 10min hill climb.  I always feel so good when I am done with my run!

I rewarded myself with a grande non-fat one pump of each mocha and peppermint latte.

Strangely I wasn’t very hungry after my workout so I waited a bit to eat my breakfast at work.

I made up some overnight oats to take in this morning.


Chocolate banana protein oats!


Chobani leftovers, almond milk, banana, chocolate protein powder and a little TJs Fruit and Fiber Medley for a crunchy top.  I wish there had been a little more milk in there…it was a little chewy for my liking, but still yummy!

I was done with breakfast around 8:30 and didn’t feel the need to shovel my lunch…interesting concept!

I had leftover frittata, an orange and a cheese stick.

004 005

I also had an un-pictured truffle to round out my meal.  Funny how something so fake tasting can taste so good!

I had a little bit larger than usual PM snack because I was heading straight home after work and when I do this I usually head right for food!

Chobani peach with my leftover cereal from breakfast this morning.


I think I got enough yogurt in today!

Speaking of yogurt…Oikos just announced they are making a chocolate and caramel flavor Greek yogurt, um heaven!!!!!!

Nick and I had our Christmas when I got home and he got me a bunch of great stuff for delicious food making and another great book about food politics.  I will be reading it over vacation!  Thanks love!

We had to eat and run tonight because we were meeting up for a surprise birthday part in the city…Nick wanted Chipotle, and I was curious how healthy I could make it.

I really like there tortillas so I knew that would be my carb portion (I really wish they had WW tortillas! Or at least 1/2 and 1/2?).  I do love how the place is moving quickly to sustainable and organic.

I got a vegetarian burrito with black beans, pinto beans, peppers and onions (yuck the onions were raw!), pico, corn, cheese (only thing I would take out because I couldn’t taste it), lettuce and guac.


Huge!  I used to get such a different burrito there!

The party was a great success and it was actually really nice to see everyone before the holidays and catch up!

We came home I packed and little and hit the hay…I actually did really well for being up at 4:15AM!

This morning I wanted something warm to eat!


Oatbran, Tjs fruit and nut medley, Kashi H2H, banana, flax, POM arils, PB.

010 I love POM!  I wish they were not such a pain to get out of their husk!

011 OK I need to get moving so I can get into work and then back here to pick up Sissy and hit the road!!!!!

I am not sure how blogging will go at home…we do not have wireless, but I might do drive bys at the Starbucks just to get the live writer to post 🙂

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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