Traveling for The Holidays!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!!

It is so nice to be home and Sissy is here, but avoiding my mom’s cat like the plague!

We had a long car ride up here (2 hours extra) but she did great for her first time in the car!

005 Before I could hit the road I had to get through a few hours of work…they were really hard and frustrating…at times I wanted to cry, but I just wanted to get out of there!

Mid morning I had an apple.

001 It was a good things I had this because I was on the phone with my boss for an hour after aka my lunch time!

Lunch was such a mishmash of things that I had sitting in the fridge.


Leftover polenta, pineapple chobani with pom arils, hummus and bread.003 Pom and pineapple go really well together!!!!

I left work a few hours early after getting early dismissal!

I thought I was in great shape leaving early, but I guess everyone else in the world did too!

I finally got home and had a simple dinner with the family.006 Chicken, green beans and acorn squash.  Simple deliciousness with a glass of vino.

After dinner we were all pooped from driving for so many hours (my grandparents hit traffic also) so we all hit the hay pretty early.  Plus I had to get up early with Mom to get to Whole Foods!

Before heading into the madness I had a lovely bowl of oats!


In my messy bowl I had 1 packet of Tjs blueberry oatmeal, Bear Naked granola and a dollop of plain Greek and Almond butter.  We also had gingerbread coffee on the side.

Mom and I got to Whole Foods with everyone else, but made it out alive.  We also went to J.Crew where I got a few things for Nick, really cheap!

Lunch was made about 2min after we walked in the door.

008 Vegan Curry Apple Pumpkin soup and toast with non-vegan amazing Cabot cheddar cheese on top!

After lunch I went on an awesome 6.5 mile run.  I was so nice to have the sun shining and my legs felt awesome!   I could have run longer, but I told the family I would be back in an hour, and I didn’t want to worry them.

When I came back I wrapped up a few more presents and put them under the tree.  Now Sissy and I are going to take a shower and then head downstairs for hors d’oeuvres and cocktail time!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday time with friends and family!

Merry Merry!


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