The past 24 hours have been all about…eating!

Starting with Christmas Eve dinner!


We started with some goat cheese, crackers, olives, and chips and guac.

I started with a glass of champagne and moved to red wine for dinner.

002 Sissy was all ready for Christmas, sitting by the poinsettia.

003 Mom and I wore matching outfits.


It took us about 20 takes to get the red shoes and our entire heads in this picture, but I think it came out well!

Finally we sat down to some dinner with lovely flowers and guests.007 Upon my plate was a delicious array of foods.

005 Turkey, brussels and sweet potato mash…hmm looks a lot like Thanksgiving!006 I love my sprouts cooked with fennel!

Dessert was definitely a special treat form my mom’s friend Lauren cooked delicious poached pears with homemade mascarpone and raspberry sauce.  There was a lot more to it, but I can’t remember!  I believe vanilla and tripplesec were involved?

008 And Christmas would not be complete without party hats and toys!

010 Mom really liked her whistle!

Fast forward to Christmas morning!

011 Stocking time with my official antlers that I wore all day long!

013 014

Marzipan and peppermint bark that were both consumed by the end of the day.  Mid way through presents we had a round of bloodies!

015 And finally around 11:30 (we take out time) we say down to brunch!



Eggs Benedict on a Portobello mushroom with a side of fruit salad.

017 018

This fruit salad was delicious! Kiwi, cantaloupe, papaya, and apple.

After brunch mom and I decided to do some yoga with our Christmas hats on and Sissy just wanted to play!

019 After yoga I had a very mini snack of brussel sprouts and we watched In Her Shoes as a family.

021 When the movie was over it was time to get ready for Christmas dinner!

We lit the fire with what wood we had.



And we had some cocktail shrimp while the food cooked.  I suggested we have a vegetarian Christmas next year because we can never remember how long to cook the meat for!


Then dinner was served!

025 Roast with mashed cauliflower and rutabaga, and asparagus.

We also had an amazing salad that my mom put together!

026 Mixed green, POM seeds, gorgonzola. pears, and clementines.

For dessert my mom and I split a gingerbread triple layer cake from Whole Foods and I also snagged the chocolate gnache from my grandmothers chocolate cake.

027 I was so stuffed after this day of eating!  I am meeting my 1/2 sisters and their families this afternoon with my dad and it will be great to see them.

Sissy is getting into something.  Got to Go!

Again, Merry Christmas!


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