The Eating Continues

Well hello there!  How are things going for you?  It has been busy, busy, busy around here!  I had a visit with my Dad, half sisters and an old friend in less than 24 hours.  I am pooped!

It all started with a bowl of oats.


Pear oats with flax flakes and almond butter.


After breakfast mom and I hit up the Crate and Barrel 50% off sale and I got some great stuff for the blog!  You will be seeing it once I return to the land of Mary.

Before heading out to meet my 1/2 sisters I had a small bowl of yogurt with a clementine and some granola.

003 Mom and I also stopped at Starbucks for one pump peppermint mochas.

At my sister’s house I had some cheese quesadillas and bean dip, but no pictures were taken on my computer.

From my sisters I headed to my Dad’s in Hartford where we went out for a quick pint and something small to eat.

005 This is just their seasonal selection.  I really wanted a delirium noel, but they had already changed the tap :(  I went with scaldis noel and it was delicious.004 Nick would love this place.  He is such a beer guy.

Along with my pint I also had a bowl of veggie chili.006 I also had a bite of my Dad’s Portobello mushroom sandwich with basil pesto.

007 I may have also had a few fries 🙂

This morning I introduced my dad to eggs in a basket with hot sauce.

008 After breakfast I went to my old church and it was so nice to be there again listening to the Christmas music.

I met with a friend from high school for a really late lunch and the 2nd half of the Raven’s game.  I was so hungry by the time we ordered I went with the first thing that caught my eye…a turkey ruben with fries…not the healthiest vacation so far!  It is the holidays!  I also had 2 Sam Seasonal Ales, and 3 Christmas cookies…

I was not the least bit hungry for dinner, but my mom wanted to go Greek and I love Greek food so we ordered light.  Tatzikki with whole wheat pita, greens and a form of salad.

009 010

I had a marzipan truffle from Kent for dessert!  Nice and fresh!

Sissy and I are going to go sign up for some hot yoga tomorrow morning and get to bed early.  I seriously need to get back to healthy eating, but I had so many more Christmas cookies to eat!


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